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ROI for Full-Time SubliTEK Pro Heat Press System

SubliTEK Pro System can produce about 500 cases daily which is a production system. Planning on Running on a Retail or Part-Time basis? We have SubliTEK Start System is aobut $90 lease per month!
We have prepopulated figures for your convenience. Feel free to adjust them to better forecast your ROI.
Orange boxes are auto populated based on the data you provide us with.

System Setup: Expense & Lease Payment Calculation.

SubliTEK Pro Oven
SubliTEK Pro System Price
Wide Format Printer
PC Laptop Computer
Graphic Software
Wasatch Rip (Photoshop cost less)
Other Items
Total Cost Of Set Up
Calculated Per Your Numbers
Percentage Financed by Loan or Leasing
Total Amount Financed
Interest Rate
Bank Loan or Lease
Leasing or Loan Periods (Yrs.)
Monthly Lease or Loan Payment
Calculated Per Your Numbers

Some Basic Assumptions of Your Business

Simple Roi ( Returns on investment Analysis) for a retail or production business

Prepopulated selling price and quantity are base on retail estimation. SubliTEK Pro is the production system for both retail and large wholesale orders, You can do several scenarios to see what will be become the most profitable for your business.

Average Selling Price per Case
Average Case Cost (per piece)
Click Here for:
Cost and Pricing Guide
Worksheet for Reference
Average Ink & Film Cost ( per case )


Production Worker Hourly Rate
Cost of Goods will be based on labor and production rate


Next determine what will be your Sales and Production Rate Per Month.

Sales/Production Rate (pcs. per day)
ROI based on 22 working days per month. Divide monthly rate by 22

Monthly Total Sales in $
Calculated Per Your Number
Cost of Goods Sold
Calculated Per Your Number + 5% production waste.
Gross Profit
Calculated Per Your Number



Lease or Load Repayment/Mo.
Per Calculation Above.
Maintenance Service
Free (One Year Warranty)
Office Rent (Monthly)
Non-Production Worker Labor/ Mo.
Production labor is already included in Cost of Goods

Estimated at
7% of Sales
Internet Operation / Month
Hold off until
cash flow improves
Legal and Accounting
Other Expenses


Total Expenses
Net Profit Before Taxes Per /Mo
Includes Owner’s
Net Profit Before Taxes Per /Yr