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SubliTEK 3D Sublimation Machine

It’s time to start your own personalized products Business. The market exists. Consumers are buying. Perceived value is high:

  • Proven Marketability

    Smartphone penetration in the United States is now at over 61% with more and more consumers purchasing iPhones, Samsungs, iPads, and other devices daily. Over $27 billion annual sales of personalized products just U.S. market last year.

  • Low Startup Costs

    No matter leasing or loan. Only pay as little as $151 per month, we will tailor a finance deal to suit your needs.

  • High Margins

    Margins for peronsalized phone cases are extremely high, just google personalized iphone cases, prices range from $30-$50 and customers have been lining up to buy. Most of our clients have been paying off their initial investment in as little as 1-2 months with ease.

  • Multiple Lucrative Selling Channels

    Mall Kiosks, Fairs, Gift Shows, Wedding Industry, Special Events, Promotional Items, and Online eCommerce Stores are just some of the selling channels that are experiencing great results with selling custom cases.

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Dye Sublimation Blanks

  • -Image printing in all surface both flat and edges and in different shaped products.
  • -The image printed on the case is permanent.
  • Low production costs and maximum profitability.
  • The best print quality available with current technological means.

10 Caes each cycle Capable of producing up to 600 high definition cases per day.


3D Sublimation Oven Video

The best reliable 3D sublimation oven system you need for customized products.

Our SubliTEK™ technology systems provide a wide range of solutions to meet any 3D decoration need.

From the best selling SubliTEK™ 4 press to SubliTEK™ Pro production presses capable of imaging over 600 cases per day, we cover all the bases.


Is SubliTEK System using film or paper ?

SubliTEK System use hight quality sublimation film, A thermally formable film especially designed to transfer any graphic image onto a three-dimensional object.

What is the requirement for printing ?

Our 3D sublimation film is printed using dye sublimation inks with standard inkjet piezotechnology. You can using small format printer and photoshop or production solution of large formate printer and RIP software such as "Wasatch", we have all solutions for you.

What substrates can it be sublimated ?

Any substrates can be sublimated with pre-coating and heat resistance. Most popular products such as phone cases, computer mouses, mugs, tiles, wood & glasses are available.

How many cases can it produce ?

We have two systems: SubliTEK 4 & SubliTEK Pro which can produce up to 10 cases and 20 mugs each cycle and 500 cases per day, each cycle take about 6 to 10 mintes. For more information, please consult with our sales department.

Can I use my own cases ?

In order to use our system you have to use the cases and film we provide, because the 3D machine is a vacuum press, immense pressure is applied to the product during the transfer process.Our supporting jig is engineered to fit our cases exactly to ensure a perfect fit with the phone. Using non-SublidTEK™ parts will result in lesser quality images and ill-fitting cases.

What is the advantage of SubliTEK™?

No cooling stage required. Dramatically reduced wastage rates saving time and money. USA company designed and supported. Provide the best technical support and on site training.